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Dean Malik Campaign: 1st Signature Collection

Thu 3-8-18 at Bucks County Fish and Game
Jimmy Clendennen present and accounted for! Joan Gacad bought the button!
Bob Hillgrube, Campaign Staff and Video Producer! Campaign swag, folks!
Documenting signatures! Dean speaks to the group.
Dean's message: Keep collecting signatures, keep winning! Dean's message: Be a clear, consistent conservative to win!
Chris Sofield does the critical mission: Counting and documenting notarized signatures. Dean speaks to the group.
Work hard, play hard! Signature collector Andy Meehan at the afterparty, singing and playing at Black Horse Tavern piano bar in Newtown, PA. Dean Malik Campaign Items available at
Best Friends Forever! The Signature Line!
The Signature Line!

P.O. BOX 406, NEWTOWN, PA 18940-0406
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